Development of custom programs and websites

I have been working as a software developer since 2002. During this time I gained great knowledge and experience. Whatever software solution you want, I'll make it for you. This is also true for websites.

A word or two about the environment in which I am developing: Borland Delphi, Borland C ++ Builder, Visual C ++ (DarkGDK, if 3D engine is required), QT (a C ++ based development platform), Blitz3D engine - Blitz Basic script (this is obsolete, I will not develop it anymore), PHP script (formerly PHPLib, which is an object-oriented directory for PHP and PHP Laravel Framework). This site also uses the PHP Laravel Framework, a framework for developing dynamic web pages using object-oriented classes. The browser page has HTML5 and JavaScript. I like jQuery among JavaScript library.

In addition, I take on the role of administrator.

That is, whatever your idea is - be it a corporate billing, inventory tracking, other enterprise process automation program - I realize it. I'll connect to your website, upload the data, and maintain it.
I undertake the development of complete IT systems.

Check out some of my previous work under References.

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