Business Website

I created my own website in PHP Laravel Framework. Which is a server side programming framework.

The starting page of my business.
Scrolling down any page, an Up link will appear in the lower right corner. This way you can jump to the top of the page right away.

The website monitors the language of the browser it was opened in, and sets the language accordingly if you know it.

The website is mobile friendly as we see it on the left - a screenshot of my mobile.
Clicking on the top right menu icon will display the list to the left.
And you can see the Top link in the lower right corner.

The administrative interface entry form, which can be accessed by clicking on the - (Admin login) link in the footer.

We get here after we enter. There will be a new menu bar to navigate through the admin interface menu options. To the right is the first name of the logged on administrator, with a drop down menu where you can exit the administrative interface. Clicking on the administrator's first name will take you to the profile editor.

This is a menu item editor where you can also edit the content of a simple page with the TinyMCE wysiwyg editor (This is a web-integrated editor that displays the web page as if it were viewed in a browser and renders it editable. the content is saved by pressing the Edit Menu Page button. If you click on the menu item in the top menu bar, you can get there. The menu items are also listed in the Menu items here. If you click on the Menu items, you get a list of Menu items Clicking on the menu item name will bring you to the details of the Menu item, where you can also Edit or Delete the menu item.
You can also set the Menu name, Url name and Menu number Sequence. Use the latter to specify how many times the menu item should appear in the top menu.
The Url name associates the content (The text_key field in the text database table must be the same. I did this so that any text_key in the text table could be wrapped with text, even if it was not associated with a menu item.) with the text in the texts.

With TinyMCE Editor, you can also upload and change your style. You can even arrange left and right so that the text wraps around it. Of course, the image can be centered if it is too large to fit into it.

In the Texts menu, texts stored in the database can be edited with the help of the editor.
The image shows the text under My Menu. Also the details. From here you can go to the editor section with the Modify button.
Each text is identified by the text key (text_key) database field so that it can be linked to the menu item (with the url_name field).
Above right is the drop-down menu under the administrator's name.

The users menu item follows. Here you can add, modify or delete users.

When adding a user, you need to enter standard data, the only type that is not normal. Here you can choose between User and Administrator. Only administrators are allowed to log in.
Users as shown in the list above are not added. I only created this option, so it can be easily modified later so users can sign up. Say customers.

Languages ​​allow you to add languages. It is advisable to apply this first. All I need to add is that when you delete, you need to think carefully about whether or not to delete the language, because all data entered in that language will be deleted!

The last menu item comes, this is nothing more than Help. Of course, this can also be added and changed.
Otherwise, context sensitive help. If you request help from the administration menus, you can view the help related to that menu item.







Vector Holding Ltd - Protocol List

This program is also made in Borland C ++ Builder. The merchants performance can be monitored with it Unfortunately I don't have a running image because it would have to be connected to program, the company's Oracle database server. About Builder Forms I took a picture.










Vector field machine - online catalog, administrative interface

I also deal with unique solutions. Unfortunately, the website is no longer being developed by me, and the owner has replaced my solution after several years (since the new one was completed). I was expecting this because he delayed the graphics with another company for the old one, and since I resigned from the company (due to the company moving), we no longer keep in touch. The old website can of course be found on my own web server, though only offline.

Which can be uploaded by administrators in a separate administration interface.

Separately administrative languages can also be distributed in languages: Hungarian, Slovak, German, English.

As there are distinct user groups that can be shared, even one user.





On the public page, you can choose what with the administrator login.

After that, you can even browse with public pages.

This will also bring up menu items that only the merchants have the right to access.








But this is just one of the many features this website has.

The there is a link between the languages in the database. Therefore, if for example one administrators want to translate, easily can.

The "Current Language" is a on the menu bar on the right
If we select a language, such as Slovak, we get the translator for program.

Here you can select the product you want to translate, and we can type the translation.


Unfortunately, the graphics for this website were no longer created by me, but by another company.

To the left and one to the right below are two sample pictures of my plan.













I do the software I added it because my graphic solution was not accepted by the company.











Vitalkop improvements

I had several jobs with this company.
I worked for the ViRay game development team, we developed a car game in Blitz3D. I made artificial intelligence.
Web presence was also my job. Like an administrator tasks too.

Since the company no longer exists, so only a few pictures show you about the improvements.

ViRay Artificial Intelligence:

Here is the game we were working on Velocity Prologue: Platinum race. Made for Polifarbe, given as a gift alongside the paints.









Still under development: by artificial intelligence guided cars follow the little white boxes. Of course they are not in the game visible. The game editor could put them down, this and the program other programming tasks were done by Tibor Blahó. For the tracks - for their equipment - Csaba Kovács and Gábor Kovács answered. The graphics were led by András Blahó graphics team.
Artificial intelligence itself bypasses player cars, if you get stuck in something back If the "little boxes" are well placed, they are a serious opponent to players.






Web appearance:

The company's website, of course, it's just my developer can be found on my server. I created a Hungarian and English interface for it.









The company's webshop, which is also on my developer server It is. I created a Hungarian and English interface for it.









This is the full game site, also by the developer server.










DarkGDK - Bunny game

This game would have been made by András Blahó 3D graphic designer. I'm TheGameCreators DarkGDK I used Visual C ++ plugin for coding. We have stopped developing the game, because we didn't find a buyer and András Blahó moved back to Budapest.



Raabonto Accounting Office

I developed a website for the Raabconto accountancy office. THE logo, menu bar, and background (parchment) by András Blahó. The inside images, that are in the background, I made it already.

Sorry, this site is no longer accessible.

Custom software

This was the case with CallCenter. The program was created in Borland C ++ Builder. CallCenter is two It consisted of a master part, a so-called server part, and a client part. The main part of the data could be entered and the works distributed Call Center graders. But let's see the pictures.

This was the start screen of the main program. Here, password after typing. Because of the easy accessibility, I made the buttons tasks.

For data entry, you can hire companies who will be hired can be shared with CallCenter users. They look for the company with their offer.

Allocation of work to CallCenter.

And in the client program that you want in the server program CallCenter users can log in with their password set there.